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We take your through our (temporary) studio in Tom's attic. We're all working remotely at the moment but this just goes to show that anywhere can be a studio with a few bits of kit. Have a look at our set up and get inspired to make your own!

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If you fancy taking things up a notch and using a custom encoder, you can do almost anything! There are some many options our there but we use OBS because in our opinion it's the best and it's free!

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The best way to get your channel online is to follow YouTube's own guidance.  Create your account then head over to our other videos to see how to set it up for your community.

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Just because we can't go to church doesn't mean we can't be a church. People from all faiths and none and looking for new ways to connect and reach each other online and Ministream aims to help you do just that. You'll be able to find out how to get online, get a YouTube channel, live stream you events and much much more.